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Testing My Strengths and Exploring My Interests with Hillel

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

By Zoe Friedman, Hillel at Emory '22

When my sophomore year at Emory came to a close, I, like many people, had to hurriedly change my summer plans. I had intended on traveling to Israel for the first time. But, as lockdown orders set in across the globe, I pivoted and started searching for an internship. I sought a virtual position that would expand my marketing skill set and complement my business studies at Emory. Most importantly, I wanted to join a meaningful organization in which I could make a tangible and measurable impact, even as an intern. Hillels of Georgia checked every box, and then some.

In June, I officially started as a Marketing Intern for Hillels of Georgia. It’s been a busy and exciting journey since Day 1. I began by organizing content and photos for Hillels of Georgia’s new campus websites. Then, I transitioned to creating marketing materials for students, parents, and donors. This included creating Welcome to Hillel videos and designing event flyers. I also helped plan and advertise a virtual speaker series, which garnered over 150 total attendees. 

My work was well-rounded to say the least, and no two days were the same. I learned the inner workings of Little Green Light, a donor management and fundraising software. I also became proficient in Filmora film software. I enjoyed receiving valuable feedback on my work, which has been a powerful tool helping me grow professionally.

Aside from helping me keep track of the days of the week, my internship with Hillel has allowed me to test my strengths and given me the freedom to explore my interests. Contributing to Hillels of Georgia, an organization that I care about and that has done so much for me, has been extremely rewarding. The Hillel community is small enough so that I can see my work touch an audience; it is also large enough so that my work reaches students and their families across the country. 

In this evolving and uncertain time, human interaction is more important than ever. I have been lucky to contribute to such a caring organization that makes decisions for the best of the wider community. Hillels of Georgia embraces and respects each of its staff. This is evident from the long email chain of welcome messages after someone new joins the Hillels of Georgia family. 

I want to thank everyone I have worked with this summer for their friendship and for giving me such a meaningful experience. The past ten weeks seems like a second, and I enjoyed every moment. Making an impact is always fulfilling.

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