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Hillels of Georgia Covid Mask Policy:

Students, staff, and visitors to Hillel are encouraged to wear face masks while indoors

Hillel at Georgia Southern University has been a feature of the Georgia Southern community for years, returning to campus in 2015 and remaining strong ever since. With over 30 Jewish students active in Hillel, Hillel meets regularly to provide Jewish experiences for students on campus and build community. Programs available include Shabbat dinners, Passover Seders, honoring Yom Hashoah, camping trips, kayaking days, beach visits, philanthropy events, and tailgates. 


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Student Programs

Programs available include Jewish learning and Torah study, Challah baking workshops, Shabbat dinner, speaker events, inter-faith dinners, Tzedek (social justice) initiatives, and so much more!

Friends Eating Dinner


Shabbat at Hillel means good food and good friends. We gather together for prayer, dinner, and welcoming the sabbath as one Jewish community.



We gather as a community and campus sharing stories, questions, and matzah. Students are invited to attend a fun, interactive seder complete with a hearty kosher meal.

Star of David


A solemn day of rememberance, join us as we honor the memory of those who perished in the Holocaust.

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