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TEP & Hillel

By Chase Flagel, UGA '25

I think I can speak for all of Tau Epsilon Phi (TEP) Nu Chapter when I say that our relationship with Hillel is extremely meaningful and further enriches our Jewish experiences on campus.

Whether it is participating in the Jewish Learning Fellowship (JLF) together, going to Shabbat services on Friday nights, or even receiving matzah ball soup whenever we are feeling sick, Hillel always is a safe, generous organization for my brothers and me to engage in.

At the beginning of Spring 2022, I aspired to involve myself with more Jewish students on campus, and an older brother in TEP ironically reached out to me and urged me to apply for the Greek Life Committee at Hillel. Now, Greek Life Committee is one of my favorite extracurricular activities on campus, and I love that that committee (as well as the Hillel Student Board in general) includes so many of my fellow TEP brothers.

However, my favorite thing about Hillel with TEP is that there is never a ceiling of involvement. Jeremy, Mara, and the entire staff are so committed to engaging Jewish students on campus, and their hard work does not go unnoticed. They are always open to new ideas that my TEP brothers and I present about engaging our peers, and I am so thankful to know that I always have them (and Hillel in general) in my “corner” of college.

TEP is beyond grateful and thankful for the partnership with Hillel; the sense of community offered to us is unmatched, and I am forever grateful to be inspired and proud of my Jewish identity.

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