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Hillel connects students to Israel through cultural events and experiences, education, fellowships, and more. Our goal is to help every student find their own enduring connection with Israel that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Old City Jerusalem

Israel Learning Fellowship

The Israel Learning Fellowship (ILF) is a unique 6-week fellowship where students have the opportunity to learn about Israel's past, present, and future from our very own Israel Fellows, Israeli citizens who have come to work with our Hillel on Israel education.

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Hillel’s group for all of us who love Israel! You can have any political affiliation and any religion to appreciate all this country has to offer.

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Hillel facilitates a FREE 10 day Birthright Israel trip annually where students are given the opportunity to travel with their peers and explore the land of Israel.

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Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters


Hillel also encourages and recruits students for Onward Israel, an exciting resume-building experience that allows students to delve even deeper into Israeli life and culture.

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Israel Fest

Every year, Hillel invites the rest of campus to Israel Fest. Through sharing Israeli food, song, cultural activities, and more Hillel encourages our friends on campus to learn about and celebrate Israeli culture with us.

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