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Philanthropy in the Jewish Community of Georgia

By Michael Coles, Former Hillels of Georgia Board of Directors President

I’ve been fortunate to work on many important causes throughout my life. Unequivocally, my six years as president of Hillels of Georgia have been some of the most rewarding.

Empowering Students

I'm proud to be an advocate for Hillels of Georgia’s mission to engage and empower Jewish students in vibrant Jewish life across campuses in Georgia. Hillels of Georgia gives students the space to proudly embrace their Jewish identities and make an enduring commitment to Jewish life, community and Israel.

Combating Antisemitism

During my tenure as President of Hillels of Georgia, from 2012-2019, the world experienced a significant rise of antisemitism and discrimination, especially on college campuses, that continues unabated today. With the help of a revitalized Board of Directors, dedicated staff and most importantly passionate student leaders we transformed the mission of the organization to ensure a welcoming, inclusive and safe "home away from home" for Jewish students on campus.

I am continuously inspired by the work of Hillels of Georgia. I saw first-hand the lasting impact the organization had in creating safe spaces for Jewish students and combating antisemitism on college campuses through generous support from our community.

Three W's

In my time in philanthropy, I've always followed the concept of the “Three W’s“—Work, Wisdom, and Wealth.

I see the concept in place with young students who are just starting out. They donate their time, energy and work to building the Jewish community. When they graduate, becoming more stable and successful, their contributions grow to encompass wisdom and wealth.

Nonprofits and charitable organizations need community members to donate all three. Are you ready to give?

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