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Own My Star

By Hannah Baron, UGA '21

They tried to silence us, take away our prayers, rip us of our stars, but we fought on. They wanted us to be gone, but we fought back.

Our holiday traditions and histories read like this; they tried to stop us and we fought back, we resisted.

We are proud to be us, loud and open. To own our stars.

Social justice and unity woven through our community, stronger together, supportive of doing human good, doing tikkun olam, listening to voices who so often don't get heard.

We stand for inclusion, amplifying voices, love, community.

I think about that when I sit at the Hillel table for Shabbat and hug my friends and kiss their cheeks, how proud I am of our loving little community. Breaking challah as one, laughing around cups of coffee. Finding someplace where I feel I belong, hanging with people of all different backgrounds, peace during busy college life, good food, support through tears, connecting on being us, love, community - "avodah."

Proud to be part of that. Proud to own my star for all of my stars at Hillel.

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