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Onward Israel 2023 Student Spotlights

Onward Israel is one of Hillels of Georgia's signature programs providing college students with an amazing immersive experience in Israel. It is an opportunity for students to have an internship in their field of study or intended career while living in Israel for a six-week period. Read about students' unique experiences and learn more about their internships through this Onward Israel Student Spotlight series.


Shani Gilad, UGA '26

My name is Shani Gilad and I am interning this summer at Selina in Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv. Selina is a boutique hostel that focuses on making collaborative and memorable experiences. My tasks here include planning/executing events and assisting with guest services. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting guests from all over the world and also working with such a friendly and personable staff. I am looking forward to the rest of my time here at Selina and with Destination Israel!

Noah Walter, UGA '25

My name is Noah Walter and I am on the Georgia Onward Israel Track through Destination Israel. For my internship, I am working at the Hilton Tel-Aviv’s finance department. I work in the food and beverage control office, so I basically help track the money that goes in and out of the hotel relating to the food and drinks. The biggest parts of my job are creating and checking invoices from when the hotel orders any food or beverages, and filling out transfer documents whenever the different departments in the hotel borrow items from each other. I’ve also been collecting sales data from each department and updating how much each item costs when we order it. I’ve always loved working with numbers so I’ve been really enjoying working with the finances of the hotel!

Ava Sturisky, UGA '25

Even though I was nervous to live in a new city and to experience work culture in a new environment, my internship has surpassed my expectations in more ways than I can count. I work as a client success assistant at a luxury travel company called Israel Seminar here in Tel-Aviv. We work with clients to curate the perfect itineraries to ensure unforgettable memories here in Israel. I get to share my appreciation for a country that means so much to me. I am filled with so much joy and gratitude reflecting on my first week as an intern, and I cannot wait to see what my future at Israel Seminar holds! I was greeted at this company and at my onward program with warmth and enthusiasm, which allows me to grow both personally and professionally. I am surrounded by unbelievably talented individuals who share a passion for this business, which motivates me in my work. This internship has instilled in me a sense of purpose and has undoubtedly become a significant milestone in my personal and professional journey.

Chase Flagel, UGA '25

Hi! My name is Chase Flagel, I am from Marietta, GA, and I am interning this summer at Sonovia Ltd through Destination Israel on the Georgia Onward Program. Throughout my internship, I have helped strengthen investor relations by working on revamping the website and social media, writing PR statements and posts, and providing commentary on strategic moves to attract investors. I have helped write grants to foreign governments, built databases of potential investors, and conducted research on SEO to strengthen the overall image of Sonovia.

Dani Schwartz, Emory '25

My name is Dani Schwartz and I am a rising junior at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, studying Marketing and Information Systems & Operations Management. I am currently interning at TLV Partners, an early-stage venture capital firm. In my role, I have a wide range of marketing and platform responsibilities. This includes creating website and social media content, as well as providing post-investment support to portfolio companies by securing software discounts and building an internal network of Chief Information Security Officers. This summer has been a valuable learning experience for me, both in and out of the office, and the opportunity to live in Tel Aviv has been truly amazing! Thank you Destination Israel for a great internship and summer experience :)

Jake Golden, Emory '26

Hi, my name is Jake Golden and I am on the Onward Georgia Track through Destination Israel. With almost a month of my internship completed, I have learned a tremendous amount. I work for an award-winning crowdfunding agency named Cory Group, and I have had the opportunity to work on my own crowdfunding campaign with the oversight of Cory Group’s CEO, Ran Cory. I’ve gained a lot of insight into the marketing industry and how crowdfunding through websites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo functions. Through my diverse experiences, I’ve acquired knowledge pertaining to artificial intelligence, consumer preferences, and raising capital. In addition to my internship, I have enjoyed spending time with my relatives, fostering new friendships, and exploring Israel through Onward’s “Israel Now Days” (days off from work to explore the diverse sceneries and opportunities Israel showcases). I am excited about the second half of my internship, and I know that there will be a plethora of new skills and tools I will learn.

Darien Schwartz, Emory '25

My name is Darien Schwartz and I am part of the Onward Georgia Program through Destination Israel interning for HealthIL this summer as a research and development analyst. My internship has been going very well as I have been working on a research project about rehabilitation in the medical world. Through this project, I am learning about global healthcare systems as well as the rising digital medical systems that are forming as technology advances. My boss wants me to learn a lot through this internship, so he makes sure to assign interesting work that gives me insight on how the company operates outside of the office. My experience in Israel and specifically on the Georgia Program has been amazing!

Emma Estroff, Emory '25

Hi, my name is Emma Estroff and I am on the Georgia Program through Destination Israel. My internship has been a dream so far! The people, the place, the culture — all aspects have been wonderful. I am interning at the ANU museum of the Jewish People located in the center of Tel Aviv University. I am specializing in the Foodish office which tells the story of Jewish tradition through food stories. Some of my responsibilities include publishing recipes on the website, editing articles, helping with community outreach for ANU, and translating stories from Hebrew to English. I will be very sad when my time in Tel Aviv comes to an end, but I am very grateful to have had such a rewarding and lively place to work!

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