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KSU Hillel Invited to Serve on VP's Leadership Council

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

By Avital Shimon, KSU '22

My name is Avital Shimon, and I am thrilled to be the newest addition to Kennesaw State University’s Vice President’s Leadership Council. The Kennesaw State University Vice President’s Leadership Council is a group of student representatives from different organizations assembled to discuss big campus issues and administrative plans that might affect student life. There are hundreds of organizations on campus, but only twenty are represented on the council. We are thrilled to announce that Kennesaw State University Vice President, Eric Arneson, has offered Hillel a seat. I look forward to zealously representing Jewish life to the greater campus community, and to making sure that Jewish students across KSU have a voice in the affairs of our school!

In Vice President Arneson's own words:

“I see Hillel as a group on the rise and I would really like them represented on the Vice President's Leadership Council. This council will be a small group of students (less than 20) who will meet with me to discuss issues and plans impacting students. The group will discuss issues and give feedback to me to guide me on decision making and to gain a better understanding of the needs of our students.”

I see this as a great marker of Kennesaw Hillel’s growth to this point, and a wonderful opportunity for Hillel to have a voice on a larger scale. I look forward to seeing coalitions built from these conversations, administrative policies impacted, and more. But first, here’s a little about me:

I am a junior at KSU studying public relations and apparel/textiles. I hope someday to work in the fashion industry and inspire others with the constantly changing trends in fashion (just as it has inspired me!). I’ve been involved in Jewish life since I was a freshman, and currently serve as KSU Hillel’s Co-President. On top of that, I am in the Colorguard for The Marching Owls, spinning and supporting our stellar football team, and serve as a member of Zeta Tau Alpha. I think my wide array of experiences and campus involvement uniquely positions me for the VP’s Council, and I’m looking forward to helping out with ways to keep our community growing!

One of the thing’s I love most about KSU is the opportunities to get involved. I’ve been able to meet so many different people, build communities around similar interests, and grow as a result of all that KSU has enabled me to do as a student. Through KSU Hillel, specifically, I’ve been eager to pay that forward. Every day, I help recruit new incoming Jewish students to get involved in their new home away from home. From social events to service events, we do our best to cater to everyone’s interests. We’ve held running clubs, Hebrew learning programs, and Jewish activities open to everyone. If you were to come to campus on a Wednesday, I’d welcome you to our bagel break where dozens of KSU students can just meet, get to know new faces, and feel a part of a larger community. Our Hillel students are passionate and resolved, and we have created a community on campus worth emulating. We look forward to sharing what works for us, and what more we want to achieve as a group, with the other participants at the VP’s Leadership Council.

I’m so grateful to have been nominated for the honor of being a part of this Council. I believe that Hillel continues to grow and thrive because of its KSU support and community and am eager to give back to the community. Every week, we uncover new Jewish folks on campus, grow our network, and build. As the Jewish voice grows on campus, I hope to be its representative to our KSU administration. I look forward to taking action, to building bridges, and seeing a happier, more successful student life at Kennesaw!

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