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Introducing Cosette Drook, Emory Hillel's Repair the World Service Fellow

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

By Cosette Drook, Emory '23

Hi everyone! My name is Cosette Drook, and for the next ten weeks, I will be Emory Hillel’s Repair the World Service fellow as part of their Serve the Moment campus cohort. For those of you not familiar with Repair the World, they are a Jewish non-profit that engages in service work in various cities throughout the country, including Atlanta. As a fellow, I will be engaging the Hillel and greater Emory community every week with educational resources and service opportunities.

But before I continue, a little bit about me. I am a second year student in the College majoring in Human Health with a minor in Nutrition Science. Outside of class, I am also involved in Volunteer Emory, Hillel’s Tzedek committee and residence life. This fellowship has given me the opportunity to bring together my passion for service with my passion for equitable access to food and healthcare, so service opportunities will largely center around food and healthcare in the Atlanta area. My hometown is Pittsburgh, PA, so I am very excited to learn more about Atlanta as we engage with the local community.

Keep your eye out for educational resources and in-person (safe and socially-distanced) service opportunities and collaborations with other organizations. Our very first opportunity, “Eat a Cookie, Send a Cookie,” will be during this week’s Schmooze and Schmear at Hillel, from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. on Thursday. We will be baking and packing cookies for Emory healthcare workers.

For those of you interested in service, whether with us or elsewhere, check out these fantastic resources on how to serve responsibly and meaningfully. Unite for Sight has a fantastic read on the importance of professionalism in volunteering, and check out Adina Lichtman’s ELI Talk on appropriately addressing community needs. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me by email, Here’s to a great ten weeks of service!

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