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Finding the Light in a Difficult Semester

Jacob Katz, UGA '23

This semester has been completely different to anyone who has experienced a “normal” semester at UGA. Classes are online, Sanford Stadium is not filled up during game days, and there is no in person Shabbat with Hillel on Fridays. This semester has made all of us make adjustments to our lives in order to feel a sense of normalcy that we all are craving. In a time where we have been quickly forced to make changes in our lives, it is easy to look past all of the great things that have come out of this.

Online classes may seem like a drag, but being able to roll out of bed and instantaneously attend lectures has been a blessing in disguise. Not being able to pack Sanford Stadium was upsetting at first, but being able to watch games and not endure the cold weather during the latter half of the season has been quite enjoyable. Missing out on Shabbat dinner at the Hillel house has really put a damper on this semester, but still being able to enjoy the “Shabboxes” every Friday gives us something to look forward to.

As we are approaching Hanukkah, no one really knows what to expect. How will we be celebrating this year? Not being able to light the candles together in person is going to feel weird; but like everything this past year we are going to have to make an adjustment. For myself, I am going to celebrate Hanukkah in many different places at the same time. Now that everyone knows what Zoom is (including my Grandma), I can do Hanukkah with all my loved ones which is something that would have never happened. Being able to do Hanukkah here in Athens, while also celebrating with my family in New York, and my relatives all over the country is something that I never could have imagined before this year. But this year is one that has been filled with many surprises, and even some enjoyable ones that may possibly start new traditions.

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