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Statement on Antisemitic Incident at Emory University Autism Center

Hillels of Georgia & Emory University Hillel

Statement on Antisemitic Incident at Emory University Autism Center

August 13, 2021

Hillels of Georgia and Emory Hillel are outraged and dismayed by the act of antisemitism and racism that took place recently at the Emory Autism Center. There is no place for antisemitism, racism or any form of hatred at Emory University. These acts run contrary to the university’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and to the values of dignity and respect. We appreciate the strong condemnation by the leadership of the Emory Healthcare System to these acts of antisemitism and racism. We have suggested to the Administration of Emory University that they also communicate a similar message to the entire Emory campus community condemning these horrible actions and standing in solidarity with the members of the Jewish community on campus who feel deeply troubled and threatened by this antisemitic act. Emory Hillel staff are available for any student, parent, faculty or staff member and alumnus who would like to talk more about this incident and who seek assistance in response to this unfortunate incident. As we look forward to the start of school, we are eager to welcome hundreds of Jewish students back to Emory’s campus to celebrate and engage with Jewish life in a secure community free from hate. We hope and pray the Emory University community will rise above this incident and join us in working to create a safe and more inclusive campus for all students.

Stacey Fisher, Chair, Board of Directors, Hillels of Georgia Elliot B. Karp, CEO, Hillels of Georgia Rabbi Ilan Schwartz, Executive Director, Emory Hillel

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