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Hillel House Opens Near Georgia College

March 3, 2021 - 41NBC/WMGT

The Hillel organization has been on the college campus for 15 years, with no place to hold events.

But now, the organization has opened a Hillel house.

A Hillel house serves as a place for the Jewish community to gather and hold special events.

“This is huge for the students, it gives them a physical community and a place to come,” said Emily Jarvis, a Hillel advisor.

Jarvis says this house marks a major step for the university’s support for the Jewish community.

With around 200 Jewish students on campus, the organization wants to let them know that this place exists for them.

Abbie Frankel, a Georgia College junior, says the transition to college made her long for people who shared her faith. The Hillel Organization helped bridge the gap.

“To have that representation on campus to make ourselves known is really important,” said Frankel.

Also, the Hillel organization plans to hold an open house in early April.

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