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Georgia Universities Take Part in Global Memorial for Child Holocaust Victims

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Fox 5

ATHENS, Ga - Thousands of daffodil bulbs will be a permanent part of the University of Georgia's north campus.

It's a living memorial to the more than 1 million children the died in the Holocaust.

The project, organized by Jewish student organization Hillel, is two years in the making.

Each bulb memorializes a name.

"It's important that there's a connection, it's not just flowers coming up it has a specific connection to those that were taken all too early," Hillel campus director Jeremy Lichtig said.

It will remind students for generations to come.

"I just hope (people) see UGA is progressing and taking a stand against antisemitism," social action committee chair Sarah Schafer said

There are around 675 million daffodils across the world. There are similar projects on the Kennesaw State University and Georgia College campuses.

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