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Emory Mensch of the Week: Eli Mars

Introducing Eli Mars, the Emory Mensch of the Week! Eli is the Co-VP of First-Year Programming at Hillel and studies Psychology and Business. Learn more about him below.

What is your favorite holiday or tradition?

Over 15 years ago during Hannukah, my grandparents gifted my family this odd-looking clay sculpture of two bears dressed up in Hannukah attire. Since then, my entire extended family has secretly passed it from one family to the other.

What is your favorite memory at Hillel?

My favorite Hillel memory is being able to still host in-person Shabbat dinners this past semester to give the first-year students a true taste of the community that Hillel offers.

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

I went to an all-boys Catholic school.

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