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A Shabbat Milestone

By Jeremy Lichtig, Campus Director, Hillel UGA

There's something truly remarkable about the start of a new academic year—the promise of new beginnings, fresh experiences, and the opportunity to create lasting memories. This year, however, there's an extra special reason to celebrate: the opening of our brand-new Hillel UGA Center!

Last Friday, August 18, marked a significant milestone for Hillel UGA as students filed into the building to celebrate our first Shabbat in this beautiful new space. The excitement in the air was palpable as students, old and new, gathered to commemorate this cherished holiday in the heart of our new center. And what a night it was!

With our doors swung wide open, we welcomed around 90 students for an evening filled with warmth, connection, and tradition. Laughter and conversation filled the air as friends caught up on the week's events and shared their hopes for the semester ahead. It was a chance for everyone to debrief, to unwind, and to connect with fellow students who share a common bond.

As we lit the Shabbat candles and recited the blessings, the sense of unity and togetherness was truly powerful. Our new center provided the perfect backdrop for this momentous occasion—a space designed to foster community, inspire creativity, and encourage meaningful connections. It's a place where stories will be shared, friendships will be forged, and dreams will be realized.

But that's just the beginning! This first Shabbat was merely a taste of the incredible experiences that await us at the Hillel UGA Center. From engaging discussions and thought-provoking lectures to cultural celebrations and community service initiatives, our new space will be the hub of activity for all things Hillel UGA. We're thrilled to embark on this journey with our students, and the support of our community.

As we reflect on this past Friday's Shabbat celebration, we're filled with gratitude for the dedication, support, and enthusiasm of our Jewish Bulldogs. The energy and passion makes Hillel UGA the vibrant and inclusive community it is. We look forward to sharing many more milestones, memories, and moments of joy with this community in our new center.

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