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Our NEW Hillel Center at the University of Georgia opens in August 2023

We’re excited to have a new state-of-the-art center that will further enrich our vibrant Jewish community with the warmth of home.

Together, we're creating a Center that will provide the University of Georgia community with more of what we all want. More community. More experiences. More home away from home. With your support, Hillel will be a source of lasting memories, lifelong friendships, and formative experiences.

Enriching our Center

Expanding our Legacy

UGA Hillel Center 4 (1)_edited.jpg
UGA Hillel Center 7 (1)_edited.jpg

Your donation to our Center will enable the realization of our new Jewish home at UGA.      


Our new Hillel Center will enhance the resources available to our students and visitors, and further enrich the programs and services we provide.


Be part of Hillel Center and enable the rich opportunities it will create for the Community at UGA.


More vibrant community. More experiences. More like home.   

You can sponsor a meaningful space of your choosing and ensure your Legacy at the new UGA Hillel Center.


By sponsoring a naming opportunity at the new Hillel Center, you will leave a lasting and treasured legacy for generations of Jewish students to come. As a meaningful contributor, you are supporting the vibrant Jewish life that our New Hillel Center is dedicated to enriching.


Make a lasting impact on our community.

Support our vibrant Jewish home away from home and help the community at UGA thrive.

To show our appreciation, with any gift of $500 or more, you’ll receive this commemorative Mezuzah so you can proudly display your Jewish Bulldog pride.

HillelUGA Mezuzah 1.jpg

Show Your Jewish Bulldog Pride Today!

Please note that your complimentary mezuzah will be sent at a later date, not at the time of donation, to ensure a smooth and efficient delivery process. Thank you for your generosity and support.


We need your help to make the new Hillel Center at UGA a vibrant place to celebrate Jewish life. Please support our growth with a Gift today. Whatever contribution you’re able to make, your support will help the Jewish community at UGA flourish.

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